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Practice Schedule:

Mon: V Practice 3-5:45p
JV & Frosh Game
Tues/Wed: Practice 3-5:45p
Thurs: Practice 3-5p, Team Dinner 5-6p
Fri:  JV & Frosh Practice 3-5:30p
V Game 7p
(Times subject to change)

Oct 24th - SUNSET BOWL!!

Message Board
The team is in the process of replacing all Varsity game jersey's.  We've decided to replace them a few a time since the cost to replace a complete set is not within the range of the budget.

We've received permission to SELL the previously gone-to-battle jersey's.  Most are in decent shape, some like new.

The jerseys will be available to purchase at Team Dinner on Thurs, Oct 2nd or at the merchandise table during the  Varsity game on Friday,  Oct 3rd

If you need me to hold one for you, please text me your name, color and number you want.  253-405-1499 

The price is $60
Checks payable to: SHS ASB

Currently Available Inventory
           BLACK        PURPLE     WHITE
  2 M   2 M
4 M    
L    6  
6 L
7 2XL 
7 2XL
7 2XL
14 L
8 L    9
 24     10 
 39 XL     10   14 
 40  L   13    24 
 45  XL   24    33 
 51 XL    33    45  XL 
 58 2XL    34  XL     48 XL 
 63 XL    41     50 XL 
 72 2XL    45  XL    55  XL 
 79 3XL    58  2XL     63 XL 
 80   79   3XL   68  XL 
88  XL    88  XL     70 XL 
            79  3XL 
             88 XL 

Sumner Spartans
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Tonja Warren - Team Mom
Tami Wilson - Web Master
Stephanie Dunning
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